Perfect for parties & receptions.

Cold Cut Platter
- Trays garnished and consisting of: Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey, Fresh Oven Roasted Beef, Virginia Baked Ham. A tray of: 2 cheeses, lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, pickles. Assorted breads w/condiments.

Smoked Salmon Cheesecake- Smoked salmon filets are blended with cream cheese and dill, then baked in a delicious nut-cracker crust. Served with gourmet crackers.

Pesto Cheesecake- A blend of basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan with a bread crumb & Italian herb crust. Served with gourmet crackers.

Finger Sandwich Platter- Array of miniature sandwiches deliciously prepared on a beautifully arranged tray.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits Display- Sliced & decoratively garnished. Served with Creamy Raspberry Dip or Orange Triple Sec Cream.

Cold Poached Salmon Display- Whole side of Fresh North Atlantic salmon w/chef's select sauce. Served with gourmet crackers.

Vegetable Crudités- Fresh vegetables elegantly cut and arranged. Accompanied with our creamy Herb Dip or Honey Curry Mayonnaise.

Cheese & Cracker Tray- Imported & Domestic cheeses with gourmet crackers.

Brie en Croute w/Raspberry Coulis- Comes w/gourmet crackers.

Brie w/Toasted Pecan Caramel Topping- Comes w/gourmet crackers.

Artichoke Spinach Dip- Comes with baguette breads & crackers.

Hot Seafood Dip- Comes with baguette breads & crackers.

Antipasto Tray





Cashew Chicken Spring Roll- chicken, cashews & Chinese vegetables w/Oriental BBQ sauce in a spring roll wrapper rolled in a lettuce leaf, served w/Chinese Chili dip
Chicken & Mushroom in Phyllo- tender chicken breast & exotic mushrooms wrapped in Phyllo
Chicken Dijon- tangy Dijon chicken wrapped in a flaky puff pastry
Chicken Empanadas- Mexican Corn Mesa turnover w/chicken, peppers, pimentos & spices
Chicken Kabobs- chicken breast, pineapple chunks, red & green peppers on a skewer
Chicken Satay’s- all white chicken meat marinated in sesame & soy sauce & woven on a wooden skewer
Coconut Chicken w/Thai Lime Sauce- tender strips of chicken breast dipped in light coconut Batter rolled in shredded coconut
Fig w/Turkey & Bacon- turkey stuffed figs wrapped in bacon
Lemon Chicken Tenders- chicken marinated w/lemon juice & coated w/spices & bread crumbs
Sesame Chicken & Plum Sauce- marinated chicken strips coated w/bread crumbs & Sesame seeds w/plum sauce
Sesame Duck Tortilla- duck tenderloin braised in sesame, Hoisin sauce & rolled in a soft tortilla
Smoky Chicken & Tequila Burrito -- w/peppers & Jack cheese in a soft tortilla




Artichoke Bottoms- topped with Horseradish Mousse & Smoked Trout
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops- or shrimp
Butterfly Sesame Shrimp- butterflied shrimp coated w/black & white sesame seeds & spices
Black Bean & Shrimp Quesadillas Cornucopia- shrimp, black beans, cilantro & Jack cheese hand rolled in a flour tortilla
Coconut Shrimp- large butterflied shrimp dipped in a coconut batter rolled in shredded coconut & served w/Mango salsa
Lobster-Asparagus Bundle- fresh asparagus & tender lobster meat with spices wrapped in Phyllo dough
Mini Crab Cakes- served with New Orleans Tarter sauce
Shrimp & Andouille Sausage Kabobs- spicy New Orleans sausage, large shrimp & sweet peppers on a wooden skewer
Shrimp Satay’s- marinated shrimp coated w/Japanese breadcrumbs on a wooden skewer
Smoke Salmon & Asparagus Crepes- fresh asparagus & smoked salmon rolled into a mini crepe with Béarnaise sauce
Swordfish Kabobs- Succulent swordfish on a wooden skewer w/onions & sweet peppers


Beef Empanadas- Mexican crescent pastry w/beef, peppers, pimentos & spices
Beef Fajitas- served with Jack cheese, peppers & cilantro rolled in a flour tortilla
Beef Kabobs- cubes of sirloin, onions and red & green peppers on a wooden skewer
Beef Piroshki- beef, onions & peppers in a buttery puff pastry
Beef Satay’s- marinated beef woven on a wooden skewer
Jamaican Beef Patties- ground beef, onions & spices wrapped in a corn pastry
Marinated & Grilled Tenderloin Bites - served with Béarnaise & mustard sauce
Mini Beef Wellington’s- served with Béarnaise sauce
Mini Rueben- lean corned beef, sauerbraten & Swiss cheese in a flaky rye pastry
Sweet & Savory Meatballs- cocktail-sized ground beef meatballs with spices in rich sweet & savory sauce



Lamb Meatballs- cocktail sized ground lamb, onions & roasted garlic meatballs served with a mint tarragon glaze
Baby Lamb Riblets- mint sauce, mustard herb, horseradish (3 different sauces)
Lamb Kabobs- cubes of Napa Valley Lamb, onions, red & green peppers on a wooden skewer



Stuffed Apricots- w/bleu cheese & roasted almonds, tied with a scallion
Corn Salsa Cakes- Silver dollar sized corn salsa cakes topped w/guacamole & Black Bean Salsa
Crostini- Grilled two-bite toast w/tomatoes, olives, herbs & grated Parmesan
Thai Spring rolls- with peanut sauce
Dill cheese puffs- delicate pastry crust filled w/savory dill, smooth cream cheese
Cucumber Cups- with Curried Chicken & Fried Leeks
Exotic mushroom tartlets- Portobello, Cermini & Shitake Mushroom blend w/creamy custard
Feta Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes- blended w/basil & garlic in a Phyllo triangle
Goat Cheese Mini Pizzas- spinach, goat cheese, mushrooms & sundried tomatoes
Stuffed Grape leaves- w/rice, currants, pine nuts & lemon
Mini Brie en Croute- w/raspberry preserves in a delicate puff pastry
Vegetable sushi- fresh vegetables & rice rolled in seaweed wrappers, served w/soy sauce & Wasabi
Mini Quiche- cheese, Florentine & mushroom, broccoli & cheddar
Mini Potatoes- stuffed w/Gorgonzola cheese
Yukon Gold Potato Skins- with Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Chives
Vegetable Quesadilla Cornucopia- flour tortilla w/vegetables, cilantro, and cheddar & jack cheeses
Spanakopita- Phyllo triangle w/spinach & feta cheese
Pear & Brie Cheese Bundles- Brie cheese, almonds, & fresh pears wrapped in Phyllo
Ricotta & Pesto Crescent- cream cheese crescent dough filled w/Ricotta, Pesto & Romano cheese
Stuffed Mushrooms- fresh mushroom caps filled w/fresh seasonal ingredients
Artichoke Heart Fritters-stuffed w/garlic herb cheese
Veggie Puffs- fresh vegetables & creamy custard in a cream cheese pastry shell
Artichoke & Tomato Feta Phyllo cups

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